Hog Island Saltworks
Hog Island Saltworks
Hog Island Saltworks

Hog Island Saltworks

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Meet Hog Island Saltworks. Our small-batch, mineral-rich sea salt is airy, delicate, and the perfect finishing touch to any and every dish.

Tasting notes:
A deep umami flavor profile that’s uniquely West Marin.

How it's made:
Hog Island Saltworks is made using the power of wind and sun, clean Pacific Ocean water, and a wood-fire brick oven, then is hand-finished by our resident salt expert, Jeff Warrin. Read the Saltworks story to learn more.

Where it's sourced:
Sustainably harvested from Tomales Bay.

Serve it Hog Island style!
Top off any dish with a pinch or two of Hog Island Saltworks for rich, savory umami flavor.

Ingredients: Sea Salt

    3 oz. Tomales Bay Sea Salt