When will my order ship?  When will my order arrive? 
Please check out our shipping info and policy page here or for a breakdown on when your shipment will arrive. Or email mailorder@hogislandoysters.com for further clarification.

I signed up for a subscription, when do I get my oysters?
Subscription boxes are delivered on the 3rd Thursday each month, but the day you start your subscription will determine your starting month. Check out our Subscription page, here, to read all about our subscription shipments and the timing of charges, shipments and deliveries each month.

Are shucking knives and gloves included in every shipment?
No, gloves and knives are not included UNLESS you are purchasing the Beginner’s Shucking Kit. To purchase gloves and knives separately, follow this link.

How long will my oysters stay fresh after they are delivered?
You can keep your oysters and shellfish fresh and happy for 3-4 days after delivery by either keeping them on ice in a cooler, taking care to drain the cooler as the ice melts so the oysters are not submerged in water.  Or they can be kept in the fridge in a bowl, covered with a damp cloth.  

How do you ship the oysters?
Our oysters stay nice and chilly during transit with frozen gel packs. They're all packaged up with insulated TemperPack packaging, an eco friendly packaging material that is completely curbside recyclable, and then placed inside a cardboard box. We ship via FedEx 2-Day Air, Priority or Standard Overnight. 

Can I store the oysters in the box they come in until we are ready to eat them?
We recommend taking the oysters, shellfish, perishables out of the box as soon as you can and store the items according to the care instructions included in the shipment.

I’ve never shucked an oyster, how do you do it?
There are shucking instructions included in your shipment but they can also be found here on our website. You can also check out this video of Head Hog, John Finger, giving some pro tips!

I placed my order but didn’t receive a confirmation email!
If you got to the confirmation stage of the ordering process but never received a confirmation email please check your spam folder for an email from Shopify or mailorder@hogislandoysters.com.  If it is not in your spam folder please reach out to mailorder@hogislandoysters.com with the full name on the order and we will see what we can find in our system!

Help! I need to change the shipping address!
If you’ve placed an order and need to change the shipping/delivery address please email mailorder@hogislandoysters.com ASAP with the order number and the updated address. Please note: it is very difficult to change a delivery address once it is in FedEx’s possession and in transit.  Trying to change it once in transit will often lead to delays so the sooner we know about changes the better. 

I would like to change my shipping method.
If you’ve placed an order and need to change the shipping method please email mailorder@hogislandoysters.com ASAP with the order number and the desired delivery method. If the updated method is more expensive than your original shipping method we will email you an invoice with easy payment instructions for the additional cost. If it is less expensive we will issue a refund for the difference.

I want to add something to my order, can I do that?
Absolutely! Rather than placing a new order and paying shipping costs twice please email mailorder@hogislandoysters.com with your order number, what you would like to add and the quantity. If the order has not already shipped out and the item is in stock we can add it to your order and email you an invoice with easy payment instructions for the additional cost. 

Happy or unhappy with your shipment?
We love to hear your tales of shucking triumphs and overall enjoyment so if you ever have the time please email them over to mailorder@hogislandoysters.com.  Alternatively, if you are unhappy with some aspect of your experience you can use the same email address to share your feedback. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Please keep our refund policy in mind when emailing us.